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SKULLKICKERS is a sword & sorcery action-comedy comic being published by Image Comics, the publisher of The Walking Dead, Spawn and many other creator-owned comic titles.

In Skullkickers, two hard-headed mercenaries kill monsters and cause havoc in their search for money, fame and adventure.

If you enjoy Army of Darkness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Hellboy or have great memories playing D&D with your friends, then this comic is going to push some happy buttons, we assure you.

Feel free to browse around the site and get a feel for the comic, particularly by reading previews of each issue released so far. If those tick your tock, then feel free to purchase Skullkickers from your local comic shop, or click on the covers below to order our books, collecting the first two story arcs in spiffy high quality trade paperbacks.

Our third storyline begins in 2012, a rollicking pirate tale called \’Six Shooter on the Seven Seas\’.

Announcing Munchkin Skullkickers!

Munchkin is the classic card game of fantasy adventuring.

Skullkickers is the hit new Image comic of fantasy adventuring.

Munchkin Skullkickers, coming in 2012, combines both great flavors! The fans will be begging for more as the comic\’s unnamed heroes tear through the World of Munchkin, destroying everything in their path as they help the players fight their way to Level 10.

Watch for more information at Follow the adventures of the Skullkickers at

Skullkickers #11 Editorial by Zub

As with the end of our first arc, Skullkickers #11 (in stores starting today) includes a short letter from Jim Zub. Here\’s the text for all of you to check out:


Well, here we are, the second Skullkickers story arc is done. It’s been just under a year since Skullkickers #1 arrived in comic book stores and we’ve released eleven fun-filled issues. It’s been an incredible time crammed with creative fulfillment and excitement for everyone on the team.

Our third story arc will arrive next year starting with issue #13 and I’m hopeful it will provide the momentum to push Skullkickers to a whole new level. The ridiculous action and fantasy hi-jinks our readers love won’t be going anywhere, but building from the material we’ve created in this second storyline we’ll be revealing a much bigger story than just about anyone might expect. Weaved inbetween the bombastic violence and banter has been a series of subtle pieces moving into place bit by bit. With that third story arc you’ll start to see what they are and why.

Working on this series has been instrumental in pushing me to become a better storyteller. It’s also given me the confidence to pursue other ideas I’ve always wanted develop. In 2012 I’m looking at announcing a few other comic projects. They’re different from the material being explored here in SK, but none of them would have moved forward at all without Skullkickers paving the way. Working with such a fantastic creative team has bolstered my love of comics and energized me to try all kinds of new things. The fears I have about whether or not I can create something enjoyable and worthwhile still creeps up from time to time, but all I have to do is hold our latest issue in my hands and the evidence of it reminds me that I’m on the right path.

Thank you to Edwin, Misty, Marshall, Mike, Kevin, Saejin, Tom, and Espen. You’re some of the most professional and responsible people I’ve ever met. Thank you to the gang at Image Comics who have supported us all year long. Thank you also to the retailers who have promoted our book and continue to do so.

As always, I have to give my deepest gratitude to our readers, old and new, for their support. Creator-owned books need your encouragement and financial commitment in order to weather the turbulent economic times this weird and wonderful business finds itself in. If you love comics, Skullkickers or any others, please vote with your wallet and make sure you show your friends the titles you enjoy.

Okay, I better wrap it up before this little letter turns into a drunken weeping “I love you, man” kind of thing.


Skullkickers Now Date & Date Digital Release!

Skullkickers will be making the jump to same day/date digital release on both comiXology and very soon as Image Comics expands its digital comic offerings.

Look for issue #11 this Wednesday digitally or head to your local comic shop and pick up the printed amazement as we wrap up our bombastic 2nd story arc.


Joel Carroll's Skullkickers


Joel Carroll, artist contributor to the Flight anthology, is drawing one of the short stories in our upcoming Skullkickers #12: Four More Tavern Tales issue. Looking at this panel of Shorty, we know it will fit our greedy gold gathering mentality perfectly.

Mike Luckas' Skullkickers


Who are these two troublemakers? In order to find out you\’ll have to pick up a copy of Skullkickers #12: Four More Tavern Tales arriving in late October/early November.

Mike Luckas, artist of Das Moustache, is drawing one of the short stories and these two will feature prominently in there. Make sure you pre-order the issue at your local comic shop.

Ben McSweeney's Skullkickers


Ben McSweeney, artist on Joe Is Japanese and new recruit at Vigil Games, is drawing one of the short stories in our upcoming Skullkickers #12: Four More Tavern Tales issue. If you don\’t pre-order a copy, this bunny may not live to see another day.

If you want to see Ben\’s artwork in the flesh, his Skullkickers page art and other personal works will be on display in Austin, Texas as part of the Vigil Nights art show that starts on September 23rd.


Joe Ng's Skullkickers


Joe Ng, artist on Street Fighter IV and Transformers, is drawing one of the short stories in our upcoming Skullkickers #12: Four More Tavern Tales issue. Looking at this character sketch, we think it\’s fair to say that there will be some serious skull kicking brought to life in his pages.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of the issue yet?

Skullkickers #10 In Stores Today!

Today\’s the big day comics fans all over the world have been waiting for.

Yes, stay calm, Skullkickers #10 arrives in comic shops today. 🙂

There may be other momentous comics arriving this same day, but ours is the only one that has a wound plugged by a dead squirrel in it. That\’s some history-making stuff, folks. Pick up a copy at your favourite local comic shop.


Zombie Baldy?

Edwin\’s sketching up a storm at Chicago Comic-Con this weekend. Here\’s a snapshot of a sketch that the gang at Permuted Press asked him to do, of a zombified Baldy from Skullkickers! If you\’re at the show, swing by his table (#3810) and get a sketch of your own.