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Skullkickers Published in Italian!


We’re happy to report that Skullkickers is being translated and published in Italian by ReNoir Comics of Italy!

Click here for an Italian language run down of the series.

Click here to see a preview or order a copy of the Italian edition.

Click here to go to the Italian Skullkickers Facebook page


The Skullkickers Are In Super Glyph Quest!


My dear friends Leanne Bayley and Alex Trowers have just released SUPER GLYPH QUEST, a fun spellcasting mini-RPG for mobile platforms (iPhone/iPad right now and Android still to come). If you enjoy match-3-style games like Puzzle Quest and Bejeweled, you’re going to love Glyph Quest’s strategic combos and colorful animations.

Even better, Super Glyph Quest includes a special Skullkickers quest against Thool! Yup, Rex and Rolf make their first video game appearance in the cute Glyph Quest style and it’s awesome. If you like Skullkickers you’ll definitely want to check this out.


So, if you want a fun new game title to play on your iPhone/iPad, SUPER GLYPH QUEST is it!

It’s $2.99, the price of a coffee, but it’s also ad free and doesn’t drag micropayment annoyances along behind it. It’s a wonderful self-contained title worth your time and support.

Skullkickers Original Art is Part of the RWP Fundraiser!


Want to get a one-of-a-kind piece of Skullkickers artwork and also help a great cause?

Reading With Pictures is running a fundraiser and Edwin Huang (artist on Skullkickers) has donated the original full size inked artwork for the splash page of Mighty Skullkickers #1 to the cause.

Bidding starts at $75 (A steal – Edwin’s commission drawings are more expensive!) so make sure you get in there and make it yours before Monday.

Savage Twins


On the left is Marvel’s previously released Savage Wolverine #1, on the right is Savage Skullkickers #1, arriving in stores this Wednesday. Don’t be confused. They’re both great comics.

Frank Cho, artist and writer on Savage Wolverine, is top notch talent and a great guy. We thank him for being a good sport after Edwin and Jim homaged the bejezus out of his amazing cover art.

Anyways, SAVAGE SKULLKICKERS, make sure you pick your copy up on Wednesday!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Skullkickers!

Tavern Tales Contest Winner Ivan Anaya sketched up this St. Patrick’s Day dwarf for you all. Enjoy!


Skullkickers Vol. 3 In Stores Now!

After a successful launch over the weekend at New York Comicon, I’m very proud to announce that Skullkickers Vol. 3: Six Shooter on the Seven Seas is available starting today at comic shops across North America.

The whole team worked their butts off on this third story arc and it really shows. If you’ve been enjoying the series, please show your support by picking up a copy of our latest collection and letting your friends know that we’re bringing the goods with each and every issue.


Order now from Amazon
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Order now from Waterstones (UK)

Skullkickers Tavern Tales Contest Winners!

Thanks again to everyone who entered our Skullkickers Tavern Tales Contest. We’re very proud to announce our big winners:

Writing: Aubrey Sitterson

Aubrey‘s writing submission, called “Dues or Die!” won out over the more than 250 writing entries received.

Art: Ivan Anaya

You can check out Ivan Anaya‘s amazing art submission based on the 2 page sample script:

Congratulate our two winners and look forward to their short story coming up in Skullkickers #18!

Munchkin-Skullkickers Sneak Peek


Steve Jackson Games has updated their Munchkin-Skullkickers webpage with more details on the upcoming booster pack expansion for their hit card game. There\’s also a sample of 3 of the cards and the spiffy new artwork drawn by Edwin Huang and colored by Jim Zub. Click on through and check it out.




Is this your first time here?

If so, welcome!

SKULLKICKERS is a sword & sorcery action-comedy comic being published by Image Comics, the publisher of The Walking Dead, Spawn and many other creator-owned comic titles.

In Skullkickers, two hard-headed mercenaries kill monsters and cause havoc in their search for money, fame and adventure.

If you enjoy Army of Darkness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Hellboy or have great memories playing D&D with your friends, then this comic is going to push some happy buttons, we assure you.

Feel free to browse around the site and get a feel for the comic, particularly by reading previews of each issue released so far. If those tick your tock, then feel free to purchase Skullkickers from your local comic shop, or click on the covers below to order our books, collecting the first two story arcs in spiffy high quality trade paperbacks.

Our third storyline begins in 2012, a rollicking pirate tale called \’Six Shooter on the Seven Seas\’.

Skullkickers Forum Now at Image HQ!

Hey Kickeroos –

Image Comics\’ Forum has just gone through a spiffy revamp and, as part of that, they\’ve added a forum specifically for Skullkickers! Click the logo below to head on over.

We\’ll be posting up goodies there from time to time and it will be a great place to meet other fans of the series. If you enjoy Image Comics or are an aspiring creator, the forums are a very good place to chat, network and learn.