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Skullkickers #12 Arrives Tomorrow!

Skullkickers #12: Four More Tavern Tales, arrives in comic shops nationwide tomorrow! If you just jumped on board Skullkickers with Vol 1 & 2, then issue 12 will keep you satisfied until our third story arc begins in 2012.

Four short stories by four great creative teams.
Have you pre-ordered your copy?


Skullkickers on the Battlefield!

All of our fans are amazing and occasionally they do some amazing things that really surprise us.

Skullkickers mega-fan Ian Tornay, EA\’s Community Manager on the newly released Battlefield 3, sent us a wonderful gift in the mail.

Copies of the game…

Along with personalized dog tags for Shorty and Baldy!

Edwin got them too!

So awesome!

Thanks for bringing our monsters mashers on to the battlefield, Ian.
You rock.


A sketch of Baldy done by Edwin at this year\’s New York Comicon:


A sketch of Shorty done by Zub at the Skullkickers Vol 2 launch party last week:


Skullkickers Vol 2 In Stores Now!

Today\’s the day! Skullkickers Volume 2 arrives at your local comic shop!

Putting out 11 creator-owned issues in a year was a titanic task and this second collection of issues #6-11 is the culmination of that effort.

If you took the time to support our hard work by heading to your local comic shop and picking up a copy of the new book, it would warm our hearts.



Our pals at Third Eye Comics have Skullkickers Volume 2 as their \”Pick of the Week\”.

\”The next slab of awesomeness that is SKULLKICKERS arrives tomorrow, and we know you’re stoked. This killer Image series has been keeping us hooked with its mix of buddy comedies like THE HANGOVER, and World of Warcraft/D&D-style fantasy settings. A great blend of humor that’ll appeal to anyone who digs just plain awesome comics.\”

SALE: Skullkickers digital issues 99¢ on comiXology!

As a lead up to the November 16th release of Skullkickers Volume 2, this week all digital issues of the series are 1/2 price at comiXology! Each issue is only 99 cents!

Buy, support, and share with your friends the joy that is Skullkickers.

Skullkickers Treasure Trove Hardcover Now For Sale Online!

Skullkickers Treasure Trove, a hardcover special collection of issues #1-11 jammed with bonus materials is now available for pre-order from your local comic shop or favorite book outlets.

With creator-owned comics like this pre-order numbers are crucial. They help retailers know that there’s interest in a series and allow us to set a more accurate print run. If you’re enjoying Skullkickers I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering Treasure Trove and tell your friends about it too:

ISBN-10: 1607063743
ISBN-13: 978-1607063742
Diamond Order Code: FEB12 0458

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story JIM ZUB


In Skullkickers, two hard-headed mercenaries kill monsters and cause havoc in their search for money, fame and adventure. Along the way, they’ll gore goblins, smash skeletons, punch plant people and whomp werewolves.

This gorgeous oversized edition, loaded with extras and rarities, follows the Skullkickers through the first 11 issues of their cult hit comic series.

MTV Geek names Skullkickers one of their Top 10 “Best Series of 2011”, Ain’t It Cool News raves that “Everyone who loves comics should buy Skullkickers” and Bleeding Cool calls Skullkickers “the next Chew”.

Collects SKULLKICKERS #1-11, plus bonus material

SK Volume 2 Arrives Nov 16th!


Our copies have arrived from the printer… Volume 2 is real!

On November 16th you\’ll be able to head to your local comic shop and pick up your own spiffy copy. Let your friendly retailer know you want to reserve yours and, what the heck, buy a couple dozen copies of Volume 1 while you\’re at it to hook your family and friends on the Skullkickers experience. 🙂

Skullkickers Script – Skullkickers #1


We’ve been asked quite a few times by fans about how Jim Zub writes the stories in Skullkickers – how it’s formatted, how much information is contained in the script and comic writing info in general. With that in mind, we thought we’d post a PDF of the full script for Skullkickers #1 as a way for you to see how it comes together. Click on the cover below to download the zip file and check it out.

If you enjoy this and find it informative, let us know and please pass the site link on to other people.


Skullkickers 01 Script

How the Skullkickers Die?


One of Edwin\’s many commissions from New York Comicon two weeks ago. This one was a request from a fan – \”How would the Skullkickers die?\”

Edwin\’s answer to that question is elegant and fitting. 🙂