This is the official site for Skullkickers, a fantasy-comedy comic series being published by Image Comics that launched in September 2010.

Two hard-headed mercenaries kill monsters and cause havoc in their search for money, fame and adventure.

If you love fantasy, action-comedy, and a touch of black-hearted violence then Skullkickers is the book for you! It’s Dungeons & Dragons by way of Deadpool.

For media/licensing inquiries related to Skullkickers, please contact:

Sean Berard
APA Talent and Literary


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  • Tom Wendler

    Hello JIM ZUB and Elan Freedman and whoever else read this, greetings too!
    My Name is Tom Wendler, i am a HUGE Fan of the Skullkickers Series and i cannot wait for Vol 6. to come out!!

    Thats enough cheerings, but they underline my question, that is about something fanmade from me.

    I made a Character Card Editor in a photoshop-software for a Boardgame called “DungeonQuest” of the Company FantasyFlightGames, from which i recieved permission to use there Artwork and publish it, so long it is free(not commercial) and for private use only and that i dont own the rights of it.
    So i wanted to ask if it would be ok to create a Character Card for this Boardgame of Shorty, Baldy, Kusia, Cherry Cutlass and her First mate Drissle and use some Art for it?

    Thanks for your time and this great comic, i wish you a nice day.

    Best Regards Tom Wendler

    PS: Sorry for my bad english :S , wrong words can be shooted by Baldy if you want.

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