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Skullkickers Vol. 1 on Sale and Featured on Thwipster!


Okay Kickeroos –

Now you have NO EXCUSE. If you haven\’t gotten all your friends hooked on Skullkickers yet, this is your big chance to do so and do it at a discount! Our already ridiculously value-priced trade is featured today on nerd shopping wonder site Thwipster for 40% OFF!

Purchase one for each member of your gaming group. Buy a dozen copies and leave them in your neighbours\’ mailbox as a kindly gesture. Hand them out to strangers who you see browsing the Fantasy aisle at your local book store. Create an army of Skullkickers fans 100 deep so that we can conquer all media, step by step.


Anyways, it\’s on sale and there\’s 10 funny questions about comics answered by Zub at the link. Please tell your friends.

Skullkickers #9 In Stores Today!

Another month, another chapter of \’Five Funerals and Bucket of Blood\’ for you to enjoy!


Head on over to your favourite local comic shop and pick up Skullkickers #9, then let us know what you think of it!

Skullkickers #8 is Out!


Skullkickers #8 is in stores starting today. It\’s the second part of our \’Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood\’ story arc and I really do feel it\’s one of the most entertaining issues we\’ve released so far.

It has ridiculous gunplay, a street brawl, a secret fight pit and two mercenaries trying to get themselves robbed by thieves. There are hi-jinks aplenty heaped on top of our usual mix of action and comedy.

Tell your friends, your enemies and strangers you meet – Skullkickers brings the fun with each and every issue, on time and $2.99.

Ray Fawkes Paints Up an Unruly Dwarf

Ray Fawkes, Tavern Tale short story writer in SK #6 and creator of Possessions and One Soul for Oni Press, sketched up this gritty water colour piece of everyone\’s favourite skull-kicking Dwarf at the Calgary Comic Expo last weekend. Click on the pic for a full sized look!


Zub at Ultimate Comics This Saturday!


Jim Zub will be at Ultimate Comics in North Carolina this Saturday June 25th for a special Skullkegger signing event. If you live in the area we\’d love to see you there!

Scott Wegener Sketches The SK Boys

Atomic Robo super artist Scott Wegener did up a fun little sketch of the Skullkickers at HeroesCon two weeks ago. His deceptively simple linework and clean design sense work well with their distinctive features.


Skullkickers Caption Contest


Over on Flames Rising they\’ve just posted up a Skullkickers caption contest. Click on over to check it out and you could win one of our limited edition hardcover trade paperbacks!

Friends of SK: Shinku and The Sixth Gun


Today sees the release of Shinku #1, a brand new creator-owned series from Image comics. In the back of last week\’s Skullkickers #7 we had an exclusive Shinku preview as a way of showing people the high action and fantastic storytelling in this book.


Also in SK#7 was our first ad swap with Oni Press\’ The Sixth Gun comic series. This supernatural western tale has amazing characters and a fascinating mythology driving the story. Monsters, wild west action and demonic weapons – what more could you ask for?

Both of these books are ones the Skullkickers team feel you should be reading. It\’s a great time for creator-owned comics and there\’s a fantastic range of titles on the shelves each week. If you\’re not reading Shinku or The Sixth Gun, we highly recommend that you do so.

Edwin Huang & Misty Coats – Cover Gigs

Edwin Huang, our amazing Skullkickers line artist, just finished the cover art for Dungeon World, an old-school RPG rule set:


Misty Coats, our amazing Skullkickers colorist, just finished cover colors for Matinee Eclectica, a cool comic anthology one-shot:


Go Team SK!

Amity Blamity Kickity!


Amazing fan art of our favourite monster mashers done by Mike White of Amity Blamity. So ridiculously cute, just like his comics.