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Skullkickers #3 is a 'Must Read'!


Skullkickers #3 snags the coveted #2 spot on Ryan Schrodt\’s Comic Review Power Rankings. Calling the book a \’Must Read\’, Ryan is smitten by our mix of sass and sorcery.

\”This comic is big and bold in every single way—from its over-the-top concepts to its lush art to its ridiculously high entertainment value. Skullkickers has been incredibly fun thus far, but the creative team turns it up to eleven here in every single way. You cannot go wrong with this comic.\”

Comic Buzz Interview – Part One


Comic Buzz has posted up the first part of an extensive Skullkickers interview with the core creative team (Zub, Edwin and Misty).

Part one includes some exclusive artwork and discussion of how the series got underway.

Multiversity Believes in Kicking Skulls


Joshua Mocle at Multiversity Comics is fully on board with Skullkickers\’ Sword & Sassery motif.

\”Sometimes a book can just be light hearted, silly and have \’making the reader smile\’ as a goal in and of itself. Skullkickers is one of those books.\”

MTV Geek is Loving Skullkickers #3


Pat Twist at MTV Geek loves Skullkickers #3!

\”Image has got a hit book on their hands with Skullkickers… Breezing through an issue is a blast and each time I finish one I\’m left wanting a little more. Which is exactly the what a good comic book is supposed to do.\”

Skullkickers #3 In Stores Now!


Skullkickers #3 arrives in comic book shops across North America today! I know we\’ve said it many times, but all of us on the creative team greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and support.

If you get a chance to pick up a copy, please let us know what you think of it!

The Frontiersman #15


The latest free issue of \’The Frontiersman\’ online magazine is out and I have a very special article inside all about Skullkickers\’ tabletop gaming roots, with some silly anecdotes about playing D&D and the source of SK\’s humour.


Skullkickers #3's Killer 4 Page Spread


When I wrote 4 pages of connected crazed-surreal imagery that our dwarf pal was swimming through in Skullkickers #3, I knew it was a heck of a challenge.

Click on that image above. I think it\’s fair to say that Edwin and Misty stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.

Buy issue #3 when it arrives on store shelves tomorrow and read that very special scene with narration and sound effects included. It\’s an absolute knock-out.

Newsarama Exclusive Preview of Skullkickers #3


Newsarama has an exclusive 9 page preview of Skullkickers #3, which arrives in stores tomorrow. Considering that the issue has already sold out at distribution level, you\’ll want to make sure you snap up your copy as soon as possible.

Skullkickers #3 Second Print Cover Process

Here\’s a little step-by-step on the just-announced Skullkickers #3 second printing cover artwork.

As soon as our rep at Image asked about the possibility of a second printing cover for this issue, I had ideas about showing our mercenary dwarf interacting with the cosmic bull from his vision… wait, you haven\’t even read issue #3 yet so you have no idea what that means. Well, suffice to say, after you give the issue a read on Wednesday it\’ll become readily apparent what this is all about.

Anyways, I thought about him hugging the bull, being licked by it, something goofy. My wife actually had the brilliant idea of the dwarf riding the bull like a bucking bronco. As soon she said that I had a clear vision for it and sketched out a quick rough:


From there I passed the rough doodle over to Edwin and he rocked out the wonderful full size line art:


And last, but certainly not least, the line art was sent to Espen Grundetjern for an amazing color finish:

The colored version blew me away, adding an incredible amount of atmosphere and depth to the piece. I think that both issue #3 covers (the original and this second print one) are two of the best ones we\’ve had so far in the series. I hope you agree!

Skullkickers Demand Continues to Grow!


Contact: Betsy Gomez
510-644-4980 x 26

Like first two issues, SKULLKICKERS #3 sells out at distribution level.

Berkeley, CA – 22 November 2010 – The main characters of SKULLKICKERS can’t be put down, and readers can’t put the book down either — the third issue of the riotous action-comedy series has already sold out at the distribution level!

Image Comics has ordered a second printing of Skullkickers’ side-splitting third issue. It will be in stores alongside the fourth issue on December 22, 2010.

Written by Jim Zubkavich (POPGUN, Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki) and illustrated by the talented team of Edwin Huang on interiors and Misty Coats on colors, SKULLKICKERS plays fantasy tropes to the hilt with all the black-hearted comedy and bombastic action any comics fan could want.

“Everyone on the Skullkickers creative team is working hard,” says Zubkavich, “so getting this kind of back-to-press boost three times in a row is incredibly gratifying. Please keep reading and enjoying because we intend to keep delivering frantic fantasy fun throughout the holidays!”

In SKULLKICKERS, two mercenaries are entangled in a high-class assassination plot, and nothing will stop them from getting paid. The third issue sees our heroes tripping the light fantastic with pilfered poison stew and undead antagonists aplenty. This one has something for everyone — including a special recipe for Skullkickers Stew for comic culinary enthusiasts!

SKULLKICKERS #3 Second Printing (SEP108188D), a 32-page full-color comic book for $2.99, will be in December 22, 2010, the same day as SKULLKICKERS #4 (AUG108190).

Follow the Skullkickers blog at for sneak peeks and more. You can download a free preview of SKULLKICKERS using the Image Comics app from comiXology.

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