Skullkickers #3 Second Print Cover Process

Here\’s a little step-by-step on the just-announced Skullkickers #3 second printing cover artwork.

As soon as our rep at Image asked about the possibility of a second printing cover for this issue, I had ideas about showing our mercenary dwarf interacting with the cosmic bull from his vision… wait, you haven\’t even read issue #3 yet so you have no idea what that means. Well, suffice to say, after you give the issue a read on Wednesday it\’ll become readily apparent what this is all about.

Anyways, I thought about him hugging the bull, being licked by it, something goofy. My wife actually had the brilliant idea of the dwarf riding the bull like a bucking bronco. As soon she said that I had a clear vision for it and sketched out a quick rough:


From there I passed the rough doodle over to Edwin and he rocked out the wonderful full size line art:


And last, but certainly not least, the line art was sent to Espen Grundetjern for an amazing color finish:

The colored version blew me away, adding an incredible amount of atmosphere and depth to the piece. I think that both issue #3 covers (the original and this second print one) are two of the best ones we\’ve had so far in the series. I hope you agree!

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