Friends of SK: Shinku and The Sixth Gun


Today sees the release of Shinku #1, a brand new creator-owned series from Image comics. In the back of last week\’s Skullkickers #7 we had an exclusive Shinku preview as a way of showing people the high action and fantastic storytelling in this book.


Also in SK#7 was our first ad swap with Oni Press\’ The Sixth Gun comic series. This supernatural western tale has amazing characters and a fascinating mythology driving the story. Monsters, wild west action and demonic weapons – what more could you ask for?

Both of these books are ones the Skullkickers team feel you should be reading. It\’s a great time for creator-owned comics and there\’s a fantastic range of titles on the shelves each week. If you\’re not reading Shinku or The Sixth Gun, we highly recommend that you do so.

MTV makes SK #7 one of their Top 10 For May!


MTV Geek has a list of their 10 Best Comics For May and Skullkickers lands at #8, sitting shoulder to shoulder with a lot of other great titles released this month.

\”Remember when comics were just allowed to be fun? Skullkickers remembers that… This comic, from the art, to the writing, to the lettering, screams bloodthirsty joy from every page. A giant bald warrior, and an angry red-headed dwarf travel the world, killing monsters – and people – for fun and profit.

There’s way more new-reader friendly exposition in the front of the book, but that’s all you really need to know to enjoy the laugh-out-loud funny jokes, over the top violence, and celebrate the return of fun fantasy to comic books. Plus, an awesome pay-off of a last page. What more do you want from a comic book?\”

Comics Nexus Believes in SK#7


James Fulton at Comics Nexus likes Skullkickers #7 despite his attempts to avoid the sword & sassery we represent.

\”The character work in this comic is excellent, and the dialogue between the two is often very funny.\”

The Mosaik Project Talks Skullkickers and Much More


Jim Zub talks to The Mosaik Project extensively about all things comics/art: Skullkickers, UDON, art portfolios, Canadian comics, webcomics, animation, online identity and a whole lot more.

Daily Blam on SK#7


The Daily Blam gets a big charge out of Skullkickers #7, giving the issue 4/5

\”Jim Zub has established an excellent set of personalities that stay strong in the title\’s second story arc.\”

Kwok Talk Talks Skullkickers


The Kwok Talk podcast chats about Skullkickers (and also The Sixth Gun done by our pals Cullen and Brian) on their latest episode. They even put together a little radio play of Shorty\’s poison stew trip-out scene! Click on through to check it out.

Skullkickers coverage begins at 15:25 into the podcast.

Reviews For Skullkickers #7 Are Strong!


It\’s wonderful to be back on the stands with a new issue of Skullkickers. Thank you everyone who has been e-mailing us such positive and enthusiastic feedback on the issue. Here are some reviews coming from around the web:

Ain\’t It Cool News calls it \”an imaginative and fun tale \”.

Geeks of Doom raves that \”awesomeness exudes off of every single page\”.

Third Eye Comics tells their customers that \”it’s proven itself to be one of the coolest new Image series to come out in the last year\”.

Weekly Comic Book Review lets us know that \”The whole bloodbath is so ludicrous that I couldn’t help but laugh\”.

Mondo Comics says \”I do love a good awkward dinner party, and boy did Skullkickers deliver.\”

Keep \’em coming, folks! We love reading your thoughts on the series!

Robot 6 Talks Skullkickers and Consistency


JK Parkin at Robot 6 sits down with Jim Zub to discuss Skullkickers\’ second arc and it includes an in-depth discussion of the importance of retailer support and consistent shipping. Check it out!

comiXology has SK #6 and a New Interview


Digital comic platform comiXology has just posted up the sixth issue of Skullkickers on their site for instant digital purchase and reading. Alongside that they\’ve also got a brand new 2 part interview on their blog about the series and our future plans.

Part ONE
Part TWO

Mondo Talks Skullkickers


Owen Craig at Mondo talks to Jim Zub all about Skullkickers\’ second story arc. It\’s a nice interview that talks about staying new-reader friendly, keeping the story fresh and how the creative team is hitting their stride.