comiXology has SK #6 and a New Interview


Digital comic platform comiXology has just posted up the sixth issue of Skullkickers on their site for instant digital purchase and reading. Alongside that they\’ve also got a brand new 2 part interview on their blog about the series and our future plans.

Part ONE
Part TWO

Mondo Talks Skullkickers


Owen Craig at Mondo talks to Jim Zub all about Skullkickers\’ second story arc. It\’s a nice interview that talks about staying new-reader friendly, keeping the story fresh and how the creative team is hitting their stride.

Comic Book Fury Chats With Edwin About SK


Comic Book Fury has new preview images of Skullkickers #7 and a quick interview with Edwin Huang about his artistic involvement with the series.

Newsarama Talks to Zub About Skullkickers' 2nd Arc


Comic book mega-news site Newsarama has a brand new interview with Jim Zub all about the new arc of Skullkickers that starts today with the release of our seventh issue.

Click through to read all about character names, new villains and future storyline material.

Skullkickers #7 Arrives Today!


It\’s been a few months as we revved up production on our second arc but today\’s finally the day – Skullkickers is back!

Please head on down to your local comic shop and pick up a copy of #7, the first part of our second bombastic story arc, and let us know what you think of it!

If you\’re at all on the fence, let us entice you with:
- An exclusive 6 page preview of Shinku, a new creator-owned series coming next month from Image.
- More banter
- A bloody and violent dinner party
- The word \”jumblies\”
- Our two mercenary morons finally get names!

GO! Buy the issue, show your friends, support creator-owned comics!

CBR Has an Exclusive Preview of Skullkickers #7


Comic Book Resources has posted up an exclusive preview of Skullkickers #7 alongside another preview for the latest issue of some strange series no one has ever heard of before called \”The Walking Dead\”. Trust us, this Dead series is gonna be a hit with the kids. ;)

Anyways, click on through and get excited about our second story arc starting this Wednesday May 25th!

Skullkickers #10 Solicitation

story JIM ZUB


\”Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood\”, Part Four

This issue has it all: A cover, printed pages, comic panels in sequential order and staples! You heard that right – staples! Okay, now that we’re past that stuff – Does anyone read this info? Do you? Let us know at

PS: We now have more issues than Battle Chasers.

Diamond Order Code: JUN110559


Hopeless Gamer Interview With Jim Zub


The Hopeless Gamer website recently asked Jim Zub 10 interview questions all about the production of Skullkickers and the gaming influences that help make SK so distinctive. Click on through to check them out.

Edwin Huang at Big Apple Comic Con This Weekend!


Just a quick reminder that Edwin Huang, our amazing Skullkickers line artist, will be in Artist Alley at the Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con this weekend! If you live in the New York area make sure you stop by Artist Alley table 602 to get your Skullkickers comics signed and pick up an advance copy of issue #7.

Horror Haven Wants You To Party With SK #7

Shaun Daniels at Horror Haven Reviews has just posted an advance review of Skullkickers #7 and he is pumped for our second story arc (arriving in stores May 25th)!

\”If you are not reading this book, consider this a ringing endorsement. This book is funny, has lots of action and is a standout from those other books on the shelves.\”