Beach Ball Comics is SK Certified!


We just received some fantastic photos from Beach Ball Comics in California, a wonderful shop that carries a lot of creator-owned books. They\’ve even got the Skullkickers-Certified logo in their store window!

Just a few miles from Disneyland, Beach Ball Comics is an Anaheim landmark, serving up the best comics & collectibles for nearly 25 years. We\’re ecstatic to have Skullkickers being promoted by the gang at Beach Ball.


\”We\’re a proud to sell quality, original comics like \’Skullkickers\’. When it first launched, it was part of a wave of interesting and original books from Image that started with \’Morning Glories\’ and \’Skullkickers\’ and has continued with more fantastic stories like \’Who is Jake Ellis?\’ and \’Green Wake\’. The $9.99 price point is a perfect selling point. A great book and an even greater price.\”


Thank you for your support, guys!

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