Hulk Homage Cover

If you saw the solicitations for Image comics shipping in September that included Skullkickers #1 you may have noticed a neat alt cover previewed there as well.

Chris Stevens (Skullkickers’ fantastic cover artist) and I were talking about homages, riffing on famous comic covers using our two mercenary boys and when I went looking for classic issue #1’s I came across the iconic Incredible Hulk #1. The fact that it had ‘FANTASY AS YOU LIKE IT’ written on it was too good to be true. Chris and I had a winner.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Original by Jack Kirby, homage by Chris Stevens. The distressed nicks, scratches and discolouration to make it look like an old comic was masterfully done by Steven Finch.

We thought it would be a fun nod to the past and a way to entice the superhero buffs to try out our comic. I hope you like it.

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