Gen Con Indy Wrap-Up

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to gen Con Indy 2011 and stopped by the booth to say \”hi\” or pick up a copy of Skullkickers. The reaction I received from fans and new readers was unbelievably warm and the show was a complete thrill.


At the Tayler Corp/XD/Skullkickers booth with
(from left) Laura Hickman, Zub, Howard Tayler, Tracy Hickman

Howard, Laura, Tracy and the entire booth crew (lovingly dubbed \”the Kokomo Irregulars\”) were fantastic booth mates for the weekend who helped get me up to speed and make sure the whole thing ran smoothly. Their hard work made it easier for me to focus on showing new readers what Skullkickers was all about. I owe them, big time.

On the last day there was a lot of discussion about what we\’d do \’next year\’ to make things even better. The fact that everyone was so quick to make me a part of their 2012 plans warmed my heart. I\’m pretty sure Skullkickers will be at Gen Con 2012 to keep the momentum we generated this year rolling forward. Thanks for your support!


A fan came by with a themed sketchbook focused on \’knitting\’. Shorty is not impressed.

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