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Skullkickers Script – Skullkickers #1


We’ve been asked quite a few times by fans about how Jim Zub writes the stories in Skullkickers – how it’s formatted, how much information is contained in the script and comic writing info in general. With that in mind, we thought we’d post a PDF of the full script for Skullkickers #1 as a way for you to see how it comes together. Click on the cover below to download the zip file and check it out.

If you enjoy this and find it informative, let us know and please pass the site link on to other people.


Skullkickers 01 Script

How the Skullkickers Die?


One of Edwin\’s many commissions from New York Comicon two weeks ago. This one was a request from a fan – \”How would the Skullkickers die?\”

Edwin\’s answer to that question is elegant and fitting. šŸ™‚

Comic Book Fury Interview From NYCC


Jim Zub talks to the gang at Comic Book Fury about Skullkickers, the comic book business and creating content for all kinds of different audiences. Click through and enjoy.



Is this your first time here?

If so, welcome!

SKULLKICKERS is a sword & sorcery action-comedy comic being published by Image Comics, the publisher of The Walking Dead, Spawn and many other creator-owned comic titles.

In Skullkickers, two hard-headed mercenaries kill monsters and cause havoc in their search for money, fame and adventure.

If you enjoy Army of Darkness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Hellboy or have great memories playing D&D with your friends, then this comic is going to push some happy buttons, we assure you.

Feel free to browse around the site and get a feel for the comic, particularly by reading previews of each issue released so far. If those tick your tock, then feel free to purchase Skullkickers from your local comic shop, or click on the covers below to order our books, collecting the first two story arcs in spiffy high quality trade paperbacks.

Our third storyline begins in 2012, a rollicking pirate tale called \’Six Shooter on the Seven Seas\’.

Announcing Munchkin Skullkickers!

Munchkin is the classic card game of fantasy adventuring.

Skullkickers is the hit new Image comic of fantasy adventuring.

Munchkin Skullkickers, coming in 2012, combines both great flavors! The fans will be begging for more as the comic\’s unnamed heroes tear through the World of Munchkin, destroying everything in their path as they help the players fight their way to Level 10.

Watch for more information at Follow the adventures of the Skullkickers at

Third Eye Comics Kicks!


Things have been so crazy here at Skullkickers HQ that we\’ve barely had time to catch our breath. Before we dive into NYCC, we wanted to give a hearty \’Thank You\’ to the fine staff and customers of Third Eye Comics.

Edwin did a sketch for the shop.

This Maryland shop pulled out all the stops for Jim, Edwin and Misty (the first time all three of us had been in the same spot at the same time) and put together a wonderful signing event. This shop is truly one of the greats and they\’re 100% Skullkickers Certified.

Original art of the Ape With Horns goes to a happy staff member.

Team Skullkickers VS NYCC!


Edwin Huang and Jim Zub will be exhibiting at New York Comicon this weekend!

Come on down to Artist Alley table T6 to get your Skullkickers fix – limited edition hardcover trade paperbacks, art prints, commission sketches. Get your books signed and come say \”hi\”!


\"\"Click here for a full map

Burnt Weiners want you to know that SK #11 is "Perfect"


The lads on the Burnt Weiners podcast give Skullkickers #11 their highest recommendation.

\”A perfectly fitting end to a very exciting storyline. I love this comic.\”

Comics Nexus Enjoys the Wrap-Up to 'Five Funerals'


James Fulton at Comics Nexus includes Skullkickers #11 in his \’Best of the Week\’ list.

\”Skullkickers is always a fun read, and Iā€™m pleased to see that the series is doing well.\”

The Buy Pile puts Skullkickers 11 in the spotlight


Hannibal Tabu of CBR\’s The Buy Pile column gives kudos to the Skullkickers team once again, beating out a slew of new superhero titles.

\”As always, the simple cameraderie of the two leads — the trademark pistol in a time of swords and sorcery, the relentless drinking — really makes the work sing, even when the antagonist has a crisis of conscience and another becomes an unwitting ally.\”