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Hey New People,

After Tycho mentioned Skullkickers on Penny Arcade yesterday I\’m obviously seeing quite a spike in traffic here to the blog. I don\’t want to get in the way of you exploring but I do want to direct your attention to a few key posts and then let you wander around the archives and enjoy the content.

If you\’ve never been here before I recommend reading:
Re-Introduction which covers overall info about the series and shows sample pages of issue #1.
On Influences which talks about material that informs Skullkickers\’ storytelling.
I Want to Buy which talks about pre-ordering the first issue and why you should do so.

If you\’ve been following this blog regularly you\’ve probably noticed the extra push in terms of interviews and press. It\’s not a coincidence. This, right now, is a crucial point in the process.

By the 1st of September, comic retailers will reach Final Order Cut-Off on ordering Skullkickers #1 from Image. The amount they order determines our print run, the impact the book has, review visibility and, in turn, the chances of the book sustaining the art team financially. Launching a new series like this is tough and having your pre-order makes a big difference at this stage.

If you like what you see here and tell your local comic retailer \”Please set aside a copy of Skullkickers #1 for me\” it\’ll go a long way to showing them there\’s interest in the series and help get it in the hands of other customers.

Thank you for your support!

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