Weekly Crisis Rates SK #5 As Its Best Book of the Week!


Skullkickers has done a pretty good job at placing on Ryan Schrodt\’s Weekly Power Rankings several times as the series has rolled out. With our fifth action-crazed issue, we finally snagged the coveted #1 spot on his list.

\”01. SKULLKICKERS #5 – Must Read
The ever-absurd Skullkickers closes out its first storyline with this issue, which plays up its quirky, campy humour while still delivering a strong action-oriented comic that is fast-paced, tightly plotted, and extremely charming. Jim Zubkavich\’s clever approach and the high-energy art of Edwin Huang combine for this extremely unique issue that simply blew away every other comic on the stands this week. This series is as well-crafted as it is simply insane, with this issue continuing the winning ways of this surprise hit from Image Comics.\”

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