Wednesday: The Secret of "The Gun"


Ever since Skullkickers began we\’ve heard from readers who have been wondering why Baldy carries around a gun. Some people thought it was a steampunk world (it\’s not) or that there would be other guns in this fantasy world (there aren\’t).

Tomorrow we pull back the veil and reveal one of the big Skullkickers secrets at the heart of our story. We\’re really excited about it. It sounds like comic readers are excited too. Here are a few previews from around the web:

Bleeding Cool: \”There is only one gun in the world of Skullkickers, but how did it get there, into this fantasy world?\”

The Freakin\’ Awesome Network: \”#14 definitely lives up to the hype of the solicitation, possibly even exceeding the hype as it retains the same goofy humor, hard-knox action SK is known for.\”

Newsarama: \”I’ll admit, I haven’t picked up Skullkickers before but having received these teaser images for next week’s #14, I think that’s about to change.\”

Comic Book Resources: \”One of the big mysteries of Skullkickers — besides the names of the two main characters, of course — is how a gun landed in a sword-and-sorcery comic.\”

iFanboy: \”These are the only images from the full issue that don’t spoil the story (which we’ve read and heartily enjoyed).\”

Multiversity Comics: \”It’s an issue that explains the secret of Baldy’s gun, but its also an issue that changes a lot with the reveal.\”

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