Skullkickers Vol. 1 on Sale and Featured on Thwipster!


Okay Kickeroos –

Now you have NO EXCUSE. If you haven\’t gotten all your friends hooked on Skullkickers yet, this is your big chance to do so and do it at a discount! Our already ridiculously value-priced trade is featured today on nerd shopping wonder site Thwipster for 40% OFF!

Purchase one for each member of your gaming group. Buy a dozen copies and leave them in your neighbours\’ mailbox as a kindly gesture. Hand them out to strangers who you see browsing the Fantasy aisle at your local book store. Create an army of Skullkickers fans 100 deep so that we can conquer all media, step by step.


Anyways, it\’s on sale and there\’s 10 funny questions about comics answered by Zub at the link. Please tell your friends.

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