SK Shout-Out on the Creator-Owned Spotlight


Comic superstar Steve Niles gave Skullkickers a shout-out in his latest Creator-Owned Spotlight over at Robot 6.


Woot! There are many reasons I love this title but one thing I love most is the publisher, Image, getting the book out on a regular basis. This may not sound big, but late books are a problem. The publishers of Skullkickers have planned and worked it out.

One of the things they’ve done is go out and hire some of the best, up-and-coming indy artists in the biz to do filler stories to keep the book on schedule. The “fillers” though are anything but. They’re all good, solid, fun, twisted, little short stories about dude, well, kicking some skulls. Check out an issue today (I think #6 just hit the stands) or pre-order the first collection.\”

Thanks for the kind words, Steve!

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