Well, hello!

For those of you new to the site, let me give you the quick rundown:

SKULLKICKERS is a brand new comic series coming September 22nd from Image Comics. It\’s a fantasy action-comedy about two mercenaries who are too stupid to stop and too tough to die.

If you enjoy Army of Darkness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hellboy or have great memories playing D&D with your friends, then this comic is going to push some happy buttons, I assure you.



Launching a new comic is tough in this industry and we need your support and enthusiasm to spread the word.

If you get a kick out of the above sneak peek of issue #1, I\’d be thrilled if you let your local comic retailer know and pre-ordered a copy.

Share the site around. Follow this blog (or subscribe to the RSS feed) to see updates and check out sneak peeks. Also, please contact me via e-mail or Twitter and let me know what you think!

Jim Zubkavich
Skullkickers Writer/Creator


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