Panel Bound Lists SK on Their Latest List


The crew at Panel Bound has Skullkickers on their new list of \”5 Comics That Will Change How You Read Comics\”.

\”I first heard about Skullkickers at San Diego Comic Con as I was creeping about the Image booth trying to nab interviews for the website. I was initially intrigued by this comic because the guys doing signings were probably a few years older than me and this both bummed me out (whenever I see people my age making comics professionally I get a little jealous) and made me want to check this books out immediately.

I couldn’t believe that this group of creators in their (probably I am guessing) mid 20′s were creating such a polished and clean looking book being put out by Image. After checking out the first issue of Skullkickers it all started to make sense why Image was rallying behind this book so much, it’s comedy and action writing at it’s finest. The art is superb and is by far one of the most polished comics out currently.\”

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