I Want to Buy Skullkickers!

The new Diamond Previews catalogue comes out tomorrow, but we’ve already got the order code here for retailers. With that in mind, I’ve put together a handy image you can click on, print out and take to your local comic retailer as a simple way of reserving your copy of issue #1.

Skullkickers Pre-order FAQ

Q) How do I pre-order Skullkickers?

A) Just print out that handy-dandy coupon image above and take it to your local comic retailer. If you don’t have a printer, just write down the Diamond Order Code for the book and give them that instead: JUL100392

Q) Why should I pre-order? I just go to the comic book store and buy issues as they come out.

A) Pre-ordering lets retailers know what titles are of interest to their customers so their orders are more accurate. In addition, you’re guaranteed to get the book you want. With a new series like this it’s difficult for retailers to know how many they should bring in or if it’s a title worth pushing. Your pre-order can bring interest to Skullkickers. It makes a big difference, believe me.

Q) I wish there were more awesome fantasy comics!

A) That’s not a question, but I whole heartedly agree! If you’re a fantasy fan, I’m hoping you’ll support this book and show comic retailers and publishers that fantasy is a bad ass genre worth investing in.

Q) I’m a retailer. Why should I order your Image book?

A) It’s a fun comic with solid art in a genre that isn’t over saturated. It’s great for your long time customers and also good for new readers who love fantasy, D&D or movies like Army of Darkness. More importantly, the first issue is complete, coloured and lettered, so you can be assured that it will ship on time. I know that’s something a lot of retailers worry about, especially with new untested books.

Q) This FAQ is just a promotional ploy, right?

A) This whole blog is for promotion, so “Yes”!

All I know is that I have to do something to raise interest in this book or else I’ll feel like a fool for letting this chance slip by me. I want this comic to make it in a market that eats up and spits out a lot of titles. Image believes in it and I hope, over the summer reading this blog, you will too.

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