Friends of SK: Shinku and The Sixth Gun


Today sees the release of Shinku #1, a brand new creator-owned series from Image comics. In the back of last week\’s Skullkickers #7 we had an exclusive Shinku preview as a way of showing people the high action and fantastic storytelling in this book.


Also in SK#7 was our first ad swap with Oni Press\’ The Sixth Gun comic series. This supernatural western tale has amazing characters and a fascinating mythology driving the story. Monsters, wild west action and demonic weapons – what more could you ask for?

Both of these books are ones the Skullkickers team feel you should be reading. It\’s a great time for creator-owned comics and there\’s a fantastic range of titles on the shelves each week. If you\’re not reading Shinku or The Sixth Gun, we highly recommend that you do so.

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