Skullkickers comics and books are available from Image Comics through Diamond Comic Distributors Inc..

Here are the Diamond Order Codes so far:

Issue #1 (1st print) JUL100392
Issue #1 (2nd print) AUG108013
Issue #1 (3rd print) AUG108191
Issue #2 AUG100490
Issue #2 (2nd print) AUG108190
Issue #3 SEP100497
Issue #3 (2nd print) SEP108188D
Issue #4 OCT100516
Issue #5 NOV100470
Issue #6 DEC100492
Issue #7 MAR110598
Issue #8 APR110520
Issue #9 MAY110530
Issue #10 JUN110559
Issue #11 JUL110546
Issue #12 AUG110542
Issue #13 FEB120522
Issue #14 MAR120503
Issue #15 APR120558
Issue #16 MAY120626
Issue #17 JUN120572
Issue #18 JUL120516

Book 1- 1000 Opas and a Dead Body SEP110432
Book 2- Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood SEP110431
Book 3- Six Shooter on the Seven Seas AUG120492

Skullkickers Treasure Trove HC Volume 1 FEB120458

In addition, Skullkickers issues (and a FREE sample zero issue) are available via comiXology for use on your internet browser, iPhone or iPad by clicking the handy-dandy icon button below.


As more issues and collections become available for ordering, we\’ll update this page with that info.

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