Beguiling Special on Skullkickers!


The crew at Toronto\’s famous comic shop The Beguiling (hosts of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and dozens of other comic-related events each year) have put together an irresistible deal to entice new readers to check out Skullkickers and The Sixth Gun.

New To The Series: Pick up issues 1-5 of Skullkickers ($2.99 each) or Skullkickers Vol 1 TP ($9.99) and get issues 6 & 7 for free!


I bought the trade: Pick up issues 6 & 7, and get issue #8 for free!


If you live in Toronto and have held off on buying the new issues after picking up the trade or haven\’t read Skullkickers at all, you have no reason to hold back. Go to The Beguiling and join the adventure!

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