Unshelved Book Club Reviews SK


Gene Ambaum of the Unshelved Book Club reviews Skullkickers Vol 1 and finds our violent antics compelling and entertaining. Read on and also check out the Book Club Guest Strip we did back in February.

Onwards to 2012

From everyone here on the Skullkickers creative team, thank you for a momentous year!

We released 8 issues and 2 trade paperbacks in 2011, attended a slew of conventions and had a lot of fun continuing the adventures of our two monster mashing morons. Next year we\’ve got big plans, with the third story arc, Munchkin-Skullkickers and a whole lot more coming your way. It\’s gonna be great!

We couldn\’t do it without your continuing support and encouragement.




Johnny Confidence over at CrazyDelicious heaps on a whole lotta praise for Skullkickers in his new review. We\’re humbled by his kind words about the series. Click on through to give it a read.

\”I’m here to share with you why you need to dig a little deeper, crack open this book, and realize that sitting right there all this time is simply one of the greatest new series out there.\”

Outer Realm Goes Inside Skullkickers


The gang at Outer Realm Comics has reviewed our free issue #0 and is happy with the adventures inside.

\”Every so often a new title comes about that reminds us why comic books are so bloody awesome. When a title has ample amounts of swashbuckling, suspense, and thrills with a countermeasure of witty dialogue, charm, and humour, you know you’re in for a good read. That’s exactly what we got in Skullkickers.\”

HorrorNews.Net Applauds Skullkickers Vol.2


The crew at HorrorNews.net love Skullkickers Vol.2\’s brand of gory hi-jinks.

\”I like books that can tell a great story, look amazing and make me laugh and Skullkickers covers all 3. This is easily one of the best titles on the shelf today.\”

Zub Chat on Fictional Frontiers

Jim Zub is a guest on Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib. Click through to listen to the interview as Jim chats about what\’s coming up for both Skullkickers and Makeshift Miracle.

Comics Anonymous Highlights SK


Linsay at Comics Anonymous has a great little rundown on Skullkickers as part of her Highlights of 2011 column series. Click on through to read her thoughts on Skullkickers.

\”Skullkickers is my favourite creator owned comic and is the first comic I go to when I pick up my pile. No other comic has guaranteed laughs like this one.\”

Jim Zub Chats With Quinntessential Comix

Jim Zub was a special guest of Quinntessential Comix this week and he chats about creator-owned comics and Skullkickers. The interview starts at 6:48.

The Comic Book Snob Thinks SK Vol 2 is Up to Snuff


Matthew Young from The Comic Book Snob reviews Skullkickers Volume 2 and he believes it passes the mustard.

\”This story took a refreshing look at the classic fantasy comic writing approach. It is very obvious that Zub and the rest of the creative team had a lot of fun with this—it also happens to be great fun to read. If you are looking for a fast paced and humorous graphic novel, this book is for you.\”

Spandexless on SK: "one of the absolute best comics"


Patrick Smith over at Spandexless hands out high praise in his new review of Skullkickers. Click on through to check it out!

\”I am absolutely convinced Skullkickers is one of the absolute best comics being published today.\”