Zub Chat on Fictional Frontiers

Jim Zub is a guest on Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib. Click through to listen to the interview as Jim chats about what\’s coming up for both Skullkickers and Makeshift Miracle.

Comics Anonymous Highlights SK


Linsay at Comics Anonymous has a great little rundown on Skullkickers as part of her Highlights of 2011 column series. Click on through to read her thoughts on Skullkickers.

\”Skullkickers is my favourite creator owned comic and is the first comic I go to when I pick up my pile. No other comic has guaranteed laughs like this one.\”

Jim Zub Chats With Quinntessential Comix

Jim Zub was a special guest of Quinntessential Comix this week and he chats about creator-owned comics and Skullkickers. The interview starts at 6:48.

The Comic Book Snob Thinks SK Vol 2 is Up to Snuff


Matthew Young from The Comic Book Snob reviews Skullkickers Volume 2 and he believes it passes the mustard.

\”This story took a refreshing look at the classic fantasy comic writing approach. It is very obvious that Zub and the rest of the creative team had a lot of fun with this—it also happens to be great fun to read. If you are looking for a fast paced and humorous graphic novel, this book is for you.\”

Spandexless on SK: "one of the absolute best comics"


Patrick Smith over at Spandexless hands out high praise in his new review of Skullkickers. Click on through to check it out!

\”I am absolutely convinced Skullkickers is one of the absolute best comics being published today.\”

Writing Skullkickers Violence at Graphic Novel Reporter


Jim Zub writes a short OP/ED over at Graphic Novel Reporter all about writing action-comedy for a 12+ age group. Click on through and give it a read.

Paperkeg Discovers Skullkickers


Over on the newest episode of the Paperkeg podcast, the gang discovers Skullkickers and enjoys our brand of sword & sassery. Head to 20:25 pf the podcast to hear their thoughts on SK.

\”This is just a real slammin\’ book.\”…\”This book really knocks it out of the park.\”

"Whosoever Holds This Hammer…"

Edwin gets some great commission requests. Check out this one of Shorty and some strange norse warrior guy/god. ;)


Comic Buzz Best of 2011


The Comic Buzz gang includes Skullkickers on their \”Best of 2011\” list of recommend titles:

\”Skullkickers has been part of my reading schedule for almost 2 years and for me the “Honeymoon period” is still going strong. Whenever the editor of Comicbuzz sends over the latest issue, I always feel a little happier. The comic is essentially a fantasy tale mixed with an exceptionally violent sense of fun. Drawing on the tales of Fritz Leiber’s \’Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser\’ and with a comedic sensibility like Eric Powell’s \’The Goon\’.

The team behind this series (Jim Zub, Edwin Huang, Misty Coats et al) believe in what they do and are having fun while doing it. Skullkickers started off strong, is still going strong and I’ll be there reading it as long as they’ll have me.\” – James


Comics of Doom Attends Our Five Funerals


The latest Comics of Doom podcast episode lavishes praise on Skullkickers Vol 2: Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood. In fact, they spotlight SK book 2 for their opening conversation/review, so you can listen to the podcast and jump right into the SK chatter.