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One Geek Nation Reviews SK #16

Josh Pierce at One Geek Nation tries Skullkickers for the first time with issue #16 and becomes a Skullkickers-Convert.

\”After reading this issue, I finally saw what all the hype was about and became a comic snob no more.\”…\”You can tell the creators are having so much fun making this book. It shows, and resonates to the reader.\”

Triple Play Review: SK #14-16


The Mixx at eXpert Comics has reviewed Skullkickers #14-16 all at once and has declared himself a \”Kickeroo\”.

\”Zub has really created a space for himself in the fantasy genre and I dare say he’s redefined it. Huang is a master at making fantasy engaging as he avoids the cliché. His lines are exuberant. Top oall of that off with the vivid coloring of Coats and you have one helluva story.\”

Skullkickers sale at comiXology! 99 cents per issue!


Over at digital comic powerhouse site comiXology, they\’re having a special Skullkickers Sale until Thursday. 99 cents per issue and 50% off collections!

It\’s the perfect time to get caught up on the series or hook your friends on our brand of monster mashing madness! Go now!

Kitten Variant Cover for SDCC!

Image has unveiled their San Diego Comicon 2012 exclusive items and we\’re quite happy to announce that one of those spiffy exclusives is the infamous SKULLKICKERS KITTEN COVER!


If you\’re at the show next week, make sure you swing by BOOTH #2729 and grab a copy. They\’ll be selling for $5 personalized, or $10 signed/raw as an incentive for fans to keep their copy rather than flipping it.

Top 5 Comics Loves Skullkickers


Comic review site Top 5 Comics admits that they\’re late to the party with Skullkickers, but they\’re really glad they showed up!

\”This is Dungeons & Dragons distilled in a Hyperdrive and served with a chilled dose of sarcasm.\”…\”Skullkickers had me guffawing and instilled in me a need to sit down with some friends and beat the ever-loving snot out of some Gnolls.\”

Comic Book Informer Chats About 'The Gun'


On the latest episode of Comic Book Informer, there\’s much discussion of Skullkickers #14 and 15, our \’Origin of the Gun\’ sub-story. Spoilers are spilled, theories are discussed and it\’s an all-around enjoyable conversation.

Skullkickers discussion begins at the 15 min 28 second mark of the podcast.

SK #15 Review by the Freakin' Awesome Network


Andrew Leslie from the Freakin\’ Awesome Network is thoroughly impressed with our latest issue and compares the awesomeness of Thool to Hans Gruber from Die Hard, high praise indeed!

\”You cannot find this kind of full-flavored, perfectly aged, fantasy/action/comedy blended comic goodness anywhere else except in the pages of Skullkickers.\”

A.V. Club Reviews SK #14-15


The Onion\’s major media site The A.V. Club has a review of Skullkickers #14 and 15 by Oliver Salva that heaps a whole lot of praise on our series. It feels great to be piquing the interest of some big press outlets over the past few months as we continue to plug away on the comic.

\”Since its debut in 2010, Skullkickers has become one of Image’s most consistently entertaining titles.\”…\”This book has gathered a devoted fan base in a short time, thanks to its mix of silliness and ultra violence, but the developments in these past two issues show that the creative team is ready to make a good series even better.\”

Silver Snail Gives SK #15 a 5/5


Matt Demers on the Silver Snail comic shop blog just reviewed Skullkickers #15 and is thrilled with our latest issue.

\”…crisp storytelling and something that felt genuinely rewarding to wait for. I give my compliments to both Jim Zub and artist Edwin Huang.\”

Skullkickers #15 in Stores Today!


Today\’s the day! Skullkickers #15, the second part of our \”Secret of the Gun\” sub-story, arrives in comic shops today. Now you can see why we kept this spiffy cover hidden for so long.

Head on over to your local comic store and pick it up!